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Today's post is about a website I planned to talk about, bu totally forgot! It's called Codecademy and it's actually a very nice tutorial to teach kids, from 7 to 77, how to handle basic principles in source code.

It shows how to code in Javascript. And in the last years, mostly with HTML5, Javascript is getting even more important. And there's a rule on the Internet about Javascript: If something can be done in Javascript, eventually, someone will do it. And it's actually true. Just take a look at Google Docs. Also, by choosing Javascript, you don't have to think about compilers or on which OS you are. You can jump directly in the fun part.

The tutorial starts by asking your name and you just have to write it as a string like "Widgg". Then, gradually, you are introduce to various concepts like variables, conditions, loops and so on. The only problem that I had with the tutorial is that the syntax in Javascript requires semicolons at the end of each statement, but that was not explicitly mentioned in the tutorial. Or I just did not find it.

I did that tutorial a while ago, so maybe they corrected it. But even with that small problem, it's actually a really good starts for anyone who want to start programming or are just curious.

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