Live-Wallpaper available on the Market

I finally managed to put a first version of my live-wallpaper on the market.

You can find it right here:


Post comment on this post to tell me what you think about it. It's a first version and there's a lot of work to do to create the professional version and also to improve this one.

For major problem, I will do my best to put a new version of the application on the Market as fast as possible.

The live-wallpaper is rough on the fragment shader that I created in OpenGL ES 2.0. So it's very important to control the execution of the application base on this. Fewer points and a lower FPS (frame per seconds) will give better results.

I'm also interested to know the performance of your Droid, particularly if they run on Honeycomb. So, I'd like you to post your device, version of Android, number of points and FPS that you used in your settings.

Here's some screenshots:

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