A new live-wallpaper

Recently, I showed images about grouping points together to create a different kind of Voronoi diagram (see Merging Voronoi).

The case with two groups is very interesting because it splits the plane in two parts. I was first intrigued by what it would look like animated and then I imagined that if each group is associated with an image. It's possible to show parts of the first image where its group is visible and part of the second image where the second group is.

So I came up with a very simple live-wallpaper. All you need to do is select two images and let the animation do the rest. This is much more easier to use than the Weird Voronoi (Pro) with all the functions.

Here's some outputs:

(this one is the default, when you first start the live-wallpaper)

Here's the link and the QR code:


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