upgrades on Twin Pictures

So today I published a new version of Twin Pictures. I added some interesting features.

First, for the second image, you can choose instead to use the first image in negative. So, just like the default settings with the Android logo, it creates a really great effect. You can really enjoy the dueling process for the two images with the negative option.

Here's an example with the Mortal Kombat Logo:

I also added new ways to split the screen for the images:

  • Random: the original method, no real structure, it's spinning around at various speed
  • Symmetry: this method splits the screen in two. So you see equally part of image 1 and image 2 at all time.
  • Asymmetry: this method can look symmetrical on certain point of view, but not on the part shared by the images. At some point, you will not see one of the image.
  • Symmetrical Yin Yang: this one is inspired by some pictures I showed in a previous post. The screen is split in two, but there's no axis of symmetry.
  • Asymmetrical Yin Yang: just like asymmetry above, it splits the screen, but not necessary equally and without an axis of symmetry.
It's also possible to set the brightness. The minimum is 50% and by default it's at 100%.

Next upgrade:

I'm looking at options for the part of the screen where the images intersect. For now, there's a very small change between the images. But it's enough to be a rough one (but it will be an option). So, i'm planning 5-6 options just to give more choice to the users with the visual aspect.


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