Weird Voronoi Pro (news and possible improvement)

So first, after playing around with all the functions. I found my favorite configuration yet (but I might found a better one... who knows).

field value
Select a ratio, R = (d1*d2)/(d3^2)
x = f(R) f(R) = tan(R*pi/4)
y = f(x) f(R) = R*(0.5*[!] + 0.5)
z = f(y) f(R) = R^2
c = f(z) f(R) = R

And for the improvements, one option is to at least double the number of steps. But I will wait for some comments about this. As you can see, in the above configuration, I don't even need the last one.

Also, I'm still looking for more functions to offer a larger variety of transition in the [0;1] range. Particularly functions that might reach both limits more than once in the [0;1] of the input. This will create more disturbance inside one cell alone!

This week, I will start writing some documentation, to explain all of this and to present the choices available later to develop your own function with GLSL.

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