My clouds are so fluffy, you're gonna die!

Today I'm showing some cloud textures that I managed to create with a simple algorithm using a Poisson-disk sampling process to distribute some points. What is nice with this process to distribute point is that it's very portable and efficient. It can even be done in parallel on the GPU (with CUDA or OpenCL), this paper actually shows one way to do it: Efficient Maximal Poisson-disk Sampling.

The rendering process for now is done completely on the CPU because we are still in a phase where we need to be able to add, change or remove some part quite fast to adjust the renderer to our needs. It's a bit harder to do that on the GPU. But when we will be completely sure of the product that we want, we will adapt it to the GPU, probably with OpenCL for portability reasons.

So here some of these outputs:

There's still a little bit of work to do to remove some isolated points that we can see in some images. I might have some idea to solve this, just need to implement it. So, let me know what you think about those images.

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