Rocks, Marbles, Stones, ...

Still working on Hierarchy, and the outputs a getting better and better. Our next step is to create a mini-GUI, nothing fancy, but with enough functionality, to do some points placement by hand to see if we can reproduce some interesting patterns.

In the mean time, the other part of our research is about algorithms to place these points (and other related information) to create automatically some interesting textures. We are now looking to do some rocky textures, like marble. Mostly the marble tiles. We are particularly interested in the veins that you can observe on those tile that create such complex textures.

And we have a big challenge with those veins because our tool is mostly about cellular textures and veins are rarely in the form of cells. Our approach is to actually play with veins that are completely traverse the texture, this way, we can create cells and division on the plane.

But still, we managed to produce some interesting outputs:

Let me know what you think about those images!

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