Live Wallpaper (list of function)

I started to implement the settings and it's going well. Here, I will present a partial list of function use to compute the color of a particular pixel.

But first, the weird Voronoi diagram presented here are not so different from the original one. The cells and edges still have the same meaning. Therefore, when there's an edge, it means that points on this edge are equidistant from two sites. Even if the method used to compute the distance is not the Euclidean one.

The function that I present here all use value R, which is the ratio of d1 over d2. Where d1 is the distance to the closest point and d2 the distance to the second closest point. So if R = 0, it means it's directly on the site, and R = 1 is on an edge.

First, functions with exponent, there will be three models:

  1. R^n
  2. 1 - R^n
  3. (1-R)^n
where n is a value in {1/2, 1, 2, 10}.

The other possible functions are:
  1. sin(Pi * R)
  2. 1 - sin(Pi * R)
  3. 1 + log(R)
  4. -log(R)
In gray scale, a value from the function of 0 or less means black and a value of 1 or above means white.

In color, each site will have its color assigned. And that color will influence the color in the cell. The color will be randomly assigned to the points.

I hope to post a first version by the end of the week.

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