Live Wallpaper

Playing with texture can be very nice. But when your objective is to find ways to generate them and to generate them, you need to find various methods to place points and other parameters, you notice that if some points or parameters changed a bit, the texture looks almost the same, but with a little difference.

Therefore, being able to change those parameters a little bit at the time, we are able to create animations. So instead of a static texture, we have a texture evolving with the time. And if it's done properly, this animation won't be the equivalent of an animated GIF that repeats itself forever. Each new images is unique and to have a close loop over that animation can take a while.

Live Wallpapers are a feature available sine Android 2.0. It allows you to put a wallpaper with some sort of animation, and some times interaction when you press on the screen or move your phone (if there's an accelerometer on it).

Here's some statics images produced earlier that can be converted into an animation for the live wallpaper:

Right now, there's no official date for a release. I'm taking my time to develop it properly, to be sure it won't drain batteries and it will be smooth enough.

With the limited power of a smartphone, the number of points used to control the data would be much lower. In the previous images, there's around 64 points, more or less... sometimes much more. But on a phone, 4 to 16 points might be the top. But what is important is to have enough options so the users can create the live wallpaper they want.

More information about this soon!