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I will mainly use this blog to show results from my research in computer science. My current research is in procedural texturing. What is that ? First, a texture is what you see in 3D movies or games. You see a brick wall, then someone had to draw it. Then this texture is apply to a geometric surfaces, like a rectangle or more usually a triangle. So, if I want a box in 3D that is made of wood. First I create a cube, with 6 squares, being the geometric surfaces, and on each of the square, I apply a wood texture.

But if I use the same texture on the 6 squares, my box don't look natural. But do I really want to create 6 different textures by myself ? It can take some times.

The "procedural" part is an automated way to create the texture. For example, someone created an algorithm to create wood texture. Then, I can use this algorithm to create 6 textures for my box. 6 different textures created in few seconds.

The main objective of procedural texturing is to propose new method to create a texture by simply specifying some parameters. For the wood texture, as parameters, I might want a wood that looks more like maple or fir.

Sometimes, I will simply post some visual examples. In other post, I will take more time to explain the procedure used to create some outputs. I might also post some complete or partial source code.

This blog will also be used for side project and other research results that are not necessary in procedural texturing.

I welcome any comments on my work. Particularly if you have suggestion or another approach to suggest to achieve an particular goal.


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