Yin Yang Texture

Here's a post on texture.

Previously, we were using a method to control images with points and normals. Alone, a point and a normal split the plane in two, a positive and negative part. But combined with other points and normals, we can actually control curve shapes. To visualize it, we assign white to the positive part and black for the other.

The textures proposed here are made by first splitting the plane in two parts. The two parts must be symmetrical just like the Yin Yang symbol.

We then distribute points and normals inside one of the part. We then reflect the point into the second part, but not the normal.

The method create a contrast and a perfect symmetry. Here's some results:

I won't describe the method to render those images because it's very complex. Also, the process is very slow. Unlike the live-wallpaper I'm working on, or the previous images I showed, we cannot compute those in real-time.

Unfortunately, we haven't implement this with CUDA. With CUDA, it wouldn't be in real-time, but it would be much faster. Specially the per-pixel rendering part. Let me know what you think about these Yin-Yang images.

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